07 июля 2021

Weekend in Yalta

Weekend in Yalta

Photos: Гала Амарандо

“The Crimean Magazine” will help travelers to get acquainted with the region for 48 hours of Saturday and Sunday.

Photo: Yandex.Zen / Crimea Crimea Crimea

Luxury of impressions


City: Yalta
Total area: 18 square kilometers
Founding date: 1154, 1838
Total population: 78 000

“Yalos! The coast!” — Greek sailors exclaimed joyfully after seeing the long-awaited land. Thus, according to the legend, Yalta was founded. The city continues attracting any person, who had walked along its picturesque streets just once, feasted his/her eyes on antique mansions and enjoyed shadows of parks. The city created by nature and people for recreation and happiness already remains the most popular resort of Crimea for the second century.


Take a walk along the embankment

The main street begins from the main square of Yalta — sea. Its common name the “golden mile” precisely defines the quality of local recreation. The embankment faced with granite, surrounded by awesome palm trees and cedars, decorated with houses of original architecture and exquisite restaurants is a favorite place for promenades among guests of the city. To take a photo in an embrace with a “king of comedy” Mikhail Pugovkin, rub the dog’s nose, which is from the composition “The Lady with the Dog”, take a cup of coffee on board the pirate schooner “Hispaniola”, tell a joke about Stierlitz to the bronze monument of Yulian Semyonov, get surprised at foresight of the “stormy petrel of the revolution”, which is well-known as Maxim Gorkiy, who immortalized the “new Russian man”, — here is a non-exhaustive list of things you should definitely do during your promenade along the embankment.

Make a wish under an old sycamore

A giant sycamore welcomingly waves with its powerful branches. Being the same age as Yalta, that tree together with the city went through a lot of joys and sorrows. Listen to the wind in the spreading canopy of the tree. May be, the ancient plane tree, which is the tree of wise men, will tell one of its stories to you.

Fly over cedars by aerial lift

 Information service for tourists will be established in Yalta >>

Do you remember the lyrics “Under the blue sky is the city of gold…”? This is an image from the song by Boris Grebenshchikov played in the cult film “Assa”, became the personification of Yalta. An unhasting air travel will allow you to admire the city from above and see it from a new perspective.

The aerial lift starts from the embankment. Living pictures are moving under your feet: roofs of old and new houses, cedars and pines, golden domes of the Alexander Nevskiy Cathedral and grey dome of the Armenian Church. By the way, don’t forget to check your watch against main chimes placed on the old tower: they properly tell time of Yalta for 140 years yet! Although, happiness takes no note of time…

Take a selfie in front of flashy cars

The Museum of Automotive Art, located on the top station of the aerial lift, is a new sightseeing attraction. The private collection that had been gathered by enthusiasts contains about three dozens of cars. Each of them is a masterpiece. Rare cars produced by world brands, which became legends of automotive industry and exclusive cars, which were built by local craftsmen on a by-order basis, are presented in the show room. All the exhibits are in perfect condition. The most sophisticated visitors “hang out” in the VR pavilion, where they can imagine themselves both as drivers of a race car of Formula One and drivers of the cars presented in the exhibition.

Enjoy the art in the Theater named after A.P. Chekhov

Soon, the theater will celebrate its 140th anniversary. Here, famous Russian artists performed: representatives of the Alexandrinskiy Theater of Saint Petersburg and Moscow Art Theater. The revolutionary blizzards and military crises didn’t pass by a temple of Melpomene. The building was destroyed several times, but it rose from the ashes like a Phoenix. Currently, the restored to life and art theater named after the “great resident of Yalta” Anton Chekhov makes glad viewers with immortal classics and modern achievements in the art of impersonation.


Light a candle in the Alexander Nevskiy Cathedral

In 1902, the city was decorated with the majestic cathedral in the name of the Saint and Blessed Prince Alexander Nevskiy. Looking at the amazing architecture, it quite easy to imagine Moscow of the XVIIth century and only palm tree at the entrance remind that you are on the Southern Coast of Crimea now. Interiors line with the Moscow style too. The august family headed by emperor Nicholas II took part in the festival of the consecration of the main temple of Yalta. In the memory of visiting the temple by the successor Tsesarevich Alexei, authorities established a monument to him.

Admire the city from the sea

To appreciate the beauty of the Southern Coast, you should see the blessed land through the eyes of ancient sailors. The blue of dome of the sky balances horizonless azure of water and there is the compact majestic mountainous wall between them, which protects Yalta from the north winds and creates subtropical microclimate, forms a pine forest on the slopes and scattering of different colored houses. People wishing to fish off the boat can devote themselves to the contemplation of a fishing float: a captain will provide you with fishing gears, bait and useful advice.

Wonder at the treasures of the “Gold wareroom”

The separate exposition of the Yalta Historic-Literary Museum is called the “Treasures of the Romans, Hellenes and the Goths from the archaeological findings of Big Yalta”. About 600 artifacts most of which are unique ones are represented there. The coins of Rome, Bosporan Kingdom and Chersonesus are modestly resplendent in dimly gold. Some of those coins are known only in a single copy.

The tiny figurines of ancient gods are splendid – it’s very delicate craftsmanship made of silver and bronze. Zeus, Poseidon, Dioscuri, Hermes and Isis look great. Despite the respectable age of the items – it’s about two thousand years! — the figurines are so well-preserved that their facial expressions can be seen. So many hopes and much joy, as well as so many disappointments and tragedies were connected with these items! The gods keep silence…

Think of strength of spirit the House-Museum of Nikolai Biryukov

The house-museum tells us about a life and work of a Russian and Soviet writer Nikolai Biryukov (1912-1966). He was 18 years old when a sudden disease totally paralyzed his body. But the illness couldn’t gain neither his spirit and will nor his mind! Nikolai could graduate from the Maxim Gorkiy Literature Institute and develop his talent awarded the Stalin Prize afterwards.

The small cozy house preserved the atmosphere and style of the age during the which one the writer had to work. The major thing of the exposition is numerous evidence of Nikolai’s good fortune: he was supported and inspired by a wonderful spouse and faithful fellow Anna. Her loving heart performed a feat. You will agree with us that it’s a good reason to think about the power love, which is able to defeat life circumstances!

Get surprised at intricacies of life in the museum of Chekhov at the “Omur” Cottage

The suddenly emerged tuberculosis made Anton Pavlovich reflect deeply about his future life and the cottage with the symbolic name “Omur” that is translated as a “life” became the first accommodation of Chekhov on the Southern Coast. Having decided to tie his fate with Yalta and build a family nest, the 38 years old writer started to pay attention to local habits, prices and women. The Gothic architectural style of the building is fully in line with the dramatic events, which took place within these walls. In particular, here, Chekhov took a decision to sell his immortal soul…

Text: Vyacheslav Nefyodov
Photos: Гала Амарандо