07 апреля 2021

House-museum of Chekhov in Yalta will celebrate its 100th anniversary

House-museum of Chekhov in Yalta will celebrate its 100th anniversary

Main festive events will be held on 9 April 2021, which is the day, when the sister of the writer and first director of the museum Maria Pavlovna Chekhova received a writ of protection and writer’s house got
a status
of a state museum exactly 100 years ago.

As the press-service of the Ministry of Culture of Crimea reports, this day anyone wishing from any part of the world will be able to join an online marathon, which representatives of Russian and foreign museum and artists of Russian theatres and philharmonics will participate in.

Furthermore, this day the museum together with the theatre “Gorod” of Dolgoprudnyi will present the “Revitalized garden” program, where scenes from the numerous plays of the dramatist will be executed in the garden of Chekhov. Then right after it, the museum’s employees will put 6 plants from the garden catalogue of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov as a gesture of the continuity of generations and in the memory of the hundredth anniversary. There are right those plants, which were tended by the writer, among those new plants, hereby the employees of the White Dacha continue preserving the original appearance of the eternal spring garden.

The key exhibition “Museum is meant to be!” will be started on the day of the centenary, which is 9 April. It will tell how the house was being turned into the museum and how the epoch was being changed. Visitors will see how the inhabitants of the White Dacha lived in different years, which way Maria Chekhova was constructing a dialogue with her guests and how museum influenced on the national and world culture. The new exhibition project will represent the rarest items from the repository collection, which will be displayed for the first time of the history of the museum.

Reference: KIA