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Vorontsov Palace was recognized to be the most popular palace in Russia

Users of the social media were interviewed on the topic of what palaces they visited more frequently during their journeys.

It turned out that 45.16 % of Russian citizens, who arrived in Crimea for their vacations, mostly visited the Vorontsov Palace that is located in Alupka. The second place was occupied by the Winter Palace (located in Saint Petersburg), which gained 38.71 % of votes. The Agricultural Palace in Kazan got the “bronze award” in the ranking of the most popular architectural objects of Russia — 4.84 %.

Seven most popular palaces of Russia according to the Tvil.ru website:

1) Vorontsov Palace (Alupka), 45.16 %

2) Winter Palace (Saint Petersburg), 38.71 %

3) Agricultural Palace (Kazan), 4,84 %

4) Kolomenskiy Palace (Moscow), 3.23 %

5) Petrovskiy Palace (Tver), 3.23 %

6) Museum of Local Lore and History in Taganrog — Alferaki Palace (Taganrog), 3.23 %

7) House-palace of the Batashevs (Vyksa, Nizhniy Novgorod region), 1.61 %



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