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Ukraine inflames tension at the border with Crimea to justify personal failures in foreign policy, - Tsekov

The case that the Ukrainian side initiated the discussion on security issues at the border with the Russian Federation is a real stage performance. Such an opinion was expressed by the Senator from Crimea Sergei Tsekov in his interview with a correspondent of the “Crimean Information Agency”.

“All these steps are the part of their activity aimed at “bringing” Crimea back. In fact — it’s a trivial propaganda. From the viewpoint of providing security at the border in Kherson, I think it’s the safest border, where Ukraine should be afraid of nothing. I’ll say it again, these are just fairytales by Zelenskiy. He has to inflame tension, justify heavy expenditures and failures in domestic and foreign policy, as well make an enemy out of Russia”, — Senator explained.

Previously, media outlets published the news that the president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy assigned a working trip to Kherson region on 27 April, where he intended to hold a meeting on the situation related to the security issues at the border with Crimea.



Украина нагнетает ситуацию на границе с Крымом чтобы оправдать неудачи во внешней политике,- Цеков