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The more Crimeans will participate in the work of international platforms the sooner we will be heard, - Abazher told

During the UN European Regional Forum «Provoking of hostility and violence on social media and minorities’ discrimination» a Chairman of the Regional National Cultural Autonomy of Bulgarians in the Republic of Crimea Ivan Abazher reported that national minorities don’t face with any native language restrictions on the territory of Crimea.

“Today the discussion topic we have paid our attention to concerned respecting for the national minorities’ rights in the frames of language policy issues. In their speeches all Crimea’s representatives (the chairmen of the Ukrainian and Belorussian communities of Crimea also took part in the forum, — edit note) tried to tell as clearly as they could about successful steps achieved in the area of solving language issues in the Republic of Crimea. To make my report more truthful and comprehensible, I have decided to refer to the Constitution of the Republic of Crimea”, — Ivan Abazher noticed.

As a spokesman of the Bulgarian national minority in Crimea, Ivan Abazher reported that nobody restricts national minorities to get an education or use their own mother tongues for releasing creativity, speaking and upbringing moments.

“The more Crimeans will participate in the work of such discussion platforms, the sooner we will be heard by the international organizations”, – Ivan Abazher believes.

Nevertheless, according to him the UN European Regional Forum’s organizers did all their best to prevent Crimeans from presenting their reports.

“I was the first person to speak, but I didn’t have a video connection. Thus, I couldn’t get simultaneous translation on my display. There were some cases when representatives of the Republic of Crimea weren’t added to a videoconference at all. We tried to join it but we got only errors. Our colleagues from Baltic States met the same problems. They spoke on behalf of the Russian community but we couldn’t get visual scenes of that performance. As for Roman Chegrinets (a Head of the Belorussian Community in Crimea, — edit note), he faced with sound problems – because of that, he didn’t hear our Baltic colleagues. We think representatives of the Republic of Crimea must possess equal rights to join all international discussion problems”, — Ivan Abazher mentioned.

Reference: KIA