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New daily traffic record was registered in the airport of Simferopol

Photos: пресс-служба аэропорта Симферополь

On 19 June, the airport received and sent 268 passenger flights in total. In all previous years, daily traffic didn’t exceed 250 flights per day, reports Crimean Information Agency.

For the first time this year and for the first time in the history on June, daily passenger traffic flow exceeded the 40 thousand of passengers mark. Earlier, the airport serviced more than 40 thousand of passengers per day only in August and September 2020 — it was a record period for traffic for the Crimean air harbor registered during all the time of observations, reported the press service of the airport of Simferopol.

Herewith, the airport of Simferopol functions under the conditions of the record passenger traffic flow this season. Both traffic and route network, which consists of 63 destinations, reached their maximum values in a long time of observations.