16 марта 2021

Sergey Aksyonov: “Referendum of 2014 is the golden standard of the direct democracy”

Sergey Aksyonov: “Referendum of 2014 is the golden standard of the direct democracy”

Today is a memorable date — it’s the Day of the All-Crimean Referendum of 2014. Residents of Crimea voted for the unity with Russia with a single heart seven years ago.

“All the people, who participated in the referendum, who were in Crimea during that period, they remember the atmosphere of those days: there was a great inspiration and powerful, sincere and patriotic impulse. Our people knew that the road to the polling stations is our way back home to our Motherland. It was the voting in love, polling for the values transferred to us by our ancestors, for peace and freedom on our land.

Annually, our enemies start having a “spring fever” on the eve of every anniversary of the referendum. They fill the information space with hackneyed propagandist clichés: “annexation”, “occupation”.

However, it’s obvious for all the people, who know the history of Crimea a little bit, that our peninsula spiritually, cultural and mentally always remained the part of Russia. We didn’t invite Ukraine to our Crimean home, that country did it by itself without asking us. Ukraine came to us and started to impose its regulations and values on us instead of being respectful to the hosts of the region. Eventually, we asked the uninvited guest to “go to the exit”. By the way, we asked the guest politely to do it. Therefore, Kiev should blame only itself and its brainless policy for losing of Crimea.

In contrast with the Kievan regime, the residents of Crimea acted directly in the legal way in 2014. Our referendum became an instrument of implementation of the right of the Crimean people to self-determination, it is fully in the line with the Charter of the UN and rules of international law. Our referendum is the golden standard of the direct democracy, experience of the truthful rule of the people, which we are ready to share with everybody, who is able to hear and perceive the truth.

Dear fellow countrymen!

The All-Crimean Referendum is an indispensable part of the national history, the page, which was written by each of us! I want to thank you for unity, patriotism, civic maturity, support, understanding and dedicated labor!”, — Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov