15 марта 2021

China replied to the claims of Ukraine for Crimea

China replied to the claims of Ukraine for Crimea

China appeals to Ukraine not to politicize the cooperation of Chinese companies with Crimea. Thereby, the Official Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Zhao Lijian responded to the claims of Ukraine because of the visit of the Chinese delegation to Crimea, the TASS agency quotes him.

The Chinese companies keep in touch with Crimea and cooperate with the region in accordance with the principles of the market. This interaction in the commercial field mustn’t be politicized,

— he stated.

The Chinese entrepreneurs visited Crimea last week. The Deputy of the Supreme Council of Ukraine of the “Opposition Platform — For Life” fraction party Vadim Rabinovich made a statement that in such a way China departed from the neutral stance on Crimea, which the country had held to previously. The politician also supposed that the actions of the Chinese companies had arisen in response of Beijing to the decision of Kiev to nationalize the “Motor Sich” factory, which manufactures aircraft engines, trough taking away the enterprise from the Chinese company Skyrizon Aircraft Holdings and its partners.

Reference: KIA