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Pathway of the Pereyaslav Council is the fundamental way of our shared history determined by the ancestors, - Aksyonov

Historically, Crimea commemorates the anniversary of the Pereyaslav Council on 18 January, which is one the key event of the national history. The statement was published by the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov at his official Vkontakte page.

“That event clearly showed the people’s will of the historical Rus’ to unity, which is based on the common destiny, religion, language and moral and ethical values, what is stronger than any military force, any political intrigues, stronger than cunning and deviousness of betrayers. It proves that many years, decades and even centuries of wars, political disasters, trouble times and separations are unable to destroy the feeling of unity and brotherhood inside of the people, as well as this generation memory related to the certain family, bloodline and origin affiliations.

Celebrating the anniversary of the Pereyaslav Council during the desperate Ukrainian times, we believed that the reunification of Crimea with Russia is historically inevitable. Although, many people supposed such course of events was impossible and fantastic.

Today, we commemorate this memorable date already the seventh time in the Russian Crimea. We believe Ukraine and Russia will definitely be together. This is rather obvious, as the pathway of the Pereyaslav Council is the fundamental way of our shared history determined by the ancestors. Every time Ukraine deviated from that path, it found itself in the form of the Ruin on the sideline of the historical process or like the limp tool in the hands of hostile forces.

To my mind, the names of our common heroes, who were the natives of the Ukrainian land, can be the excellent evidence of my words. These are prominent statesmen, scientists, writers, poets and painters. Those people, whom we proudly call our compatriots.

So, on the contrary, such persons like Mazepa and modern politicians of Ukraine, who rejected the Pereyaslav Council and chose the way of betrayal can’t provide Ukraine with anything except devastation, beggary and shame”, — Sergey Aksyonov wrote.

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