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Expert explained Lukashenko’s statement about conditions of recognition of Crimea 

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko shies away to recognize the Russian status of Crimea. A Russian political analyst, radio host and broadcaster Sergey Mikheyev stated about that in his commentary to “The Crimean Newspaper”. 

Previously, during the meeting held with journalists and representatives of the community, Lukashenko stated that he would recognize Crimea as part of Russia, “when the last tycoon in Russia will start supplying goods there”. 

“I think Lukashenko wouldn’t like to recognize Crimea, as it will create additional problems for him. But to justify his position in some way, he refers to the fact that the whole range of Russian entities really don’t want to operate in Crimea, as they are afraid of sanctions. To my mind, in this case, Lukashenko simply shies away. He is looking for justification for himself to not to recognize Crimea officially. But he also refers to real facts that the whole number of Russian structures, including even some states ones, don’t operate in Crimea officially or they hide their activities”, — Mikheyev told. 

Earlier, in June, Lukashenko raised the subject of Crimea during the meeting with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. That time, Ukraine prohibited planes from Belarus to fly over its territory, that’s why Lukashenko addressed a request to Putin to develop a new air route for flights to Crimea. Lukashenko reasoned such a decision that Belarus possessed a sanatorium in the village of Miskhor, where citizens of the country annually flied in to spend their rest.