27 ноября 2020

Crimeans’ calmness is protected vigilantly

Crimeans’ calmness is protected vigilantly

Photos: Vladimir Pasyakin

As a rule, in Russia the Day of Missile Forces and Artillery is celebrated on November 19. The day before, correspondents of “The Crimean Newspaper” had visited the Independent Missile Coastal Brigade of the Black Sea Navy of the Russian Federation. Currently, the brigade represents a real powerful force, as it is equipped with modern mobile defense missile systems “Bal” and “Bastion”, as well as the anti-ship stationary coastal missile launcher “Utyos”.

“During the whole training year, our mobile coastal defense missile systems (CMS) “Bal” and “Bastion” have been tracking NATO’s warships entering the Black Sea, performing combat alert duty operations and were on standby to use the weapons. The military tasks aimed at tracking NATO’s naval surface ships were carried out with a high appreciation. About nine times the military units of the brigade were used to accomplish special tasks, which implied electronic firing of 700 missiles against the actual targets. Moreover, the leadership of the brigade, artillery crews of coastal defense missiles systems “Bal” and “Bastion” participated in the military exercises “Kavkaz-2020” and received excellent marks. The missile battalion “Utyos” under the command of the lieutenant-colonel Sergei Slesarev became a leader in missile firing exercises. The firing-range practice of the CMS “Bal” under the command of the major Pavel Mogilyovtsev at one of the firing grounds of Crimea was highly appreciated. One of the missile battalions “Bastion” carried out tasks within the maritime zone”, — Lieutenant-colonel Alexei Shcherbak told.

“Last training year we had 407 class specialists. This year we have 455 specialists. As you can see, the number is increasing. The more important thing is the stable growth of first class specialists. The number of them increased from three specialists to thirty six ones this year”, — Brigade Commander noticed.

The Deputy Brigade Commander of Political and Military Work and Captain of the second rank Mikhail Savchenko told that the Alley of the Military Glory was situated on the territory of the military base.

There you will find all anti-aircraft artillery batteries, which defended Sevastopol during the years of the Great Patriotic War, and samples of missile equipment and arms.

“In addition to it, our brigade was actively involved in the creation of the “Patriot” park of the Southern Military District (SMD) in Sevastopol. As our base is located quite close to the park, so our military servicemen took part in improving of its material resources. Nowadays, the developing operations are still implemented. The most actively involved in working operations was an air-defense missile platoon of the first lieutenant Alexei Barkovsky. Recently, the Commander of troops of the Federal Southern District of the Russian Federation Alexander Dvornikov checked the work progress. The park administration reported to the General of the Army about terms of the construction of the first building phase. By the end of the year, it is planned to dig out a moat, install a springboard and tracked bridge for showcase performances, as well as prepare the territory for the Russian tank waltz. The objects are constructed with the assistance of the sergeant Aidyn Sheikhaliev. He is able to operate engineering vehicles in an expert manner. The Commander of troops of the SMD of Russia suggested to place obstacles there for the sport competitions called “Race of Heroes”. The itinerary of this military sport game will contain more than thirty obstacles to surprise potential participants”, — Mikhail Savchenko said.

According to Mikhail Savchenko, all working processes in the “Patriot” park are based on the educational nature. The military servicemen participate not only in arranging events, but also accomplish patronage and patriotic assistance.

“The brigade patronizes seven schools of Sevastopol, including schools of the Khmel’nitskoye village and Inkerman city and medical lyceum. Regularly, we give lessons of courage there, invite pupils to our military base and admit them into the “Young Army” movement, as well as meet them at all the arrangements in the “Patriot” park. Our military servicemen put in order monuments and war graves in the Gagarinsky and Balaklavsky districts of Sevastopol. There are about 16 such memorials under our patronage. A short time ago we received new groups of young recruits, who came mostly from local cities and villages of Crimea. Future Crimean soldiers are preparing for arrangements, connected with taking the military oath, which will be held in the end of November and seemingly on the territory of the 35th Armored Coastal Battery”, — Captain of the second rank Mikhail Savchenko stressed.

Reference: Gazeta Crimea

Text: Vladimir Pasyakin
Photos: Vladimir Pasyakin