16 июня 2021

All roads lead to Crimea: trip to the beach becomes shorter and more comfortable

All roads lead to Crimea: trip to the beach becomes shorter and more comfortable

Photos: Andrei Novokhat’ko

Every year, the republic is visited by more and more tourists. It was made possible thanks to the construction of the modern airport, Crimean Bridge, “Tavrida” Highway and railway infrastructure refresh. Now, there is a task to work on the issue of reaching Crimea even from the most distant subject of our immense Motherland, reports The Crimean Newspaper

Airport sets records

This year, the Simferopol airport’s route network increased up to 62 destinations. In June, the flight geography to Crimea has reached its historical peak level after starting sales on direct flights from Orsk, Astrakhan and city of Zhukovskiy, which is located near Moscow. 

“Unfortunately, it’s impossible to travel to Crimea by train to spend vacations. Thus, it’s quite important for us that capitals of all regions must have at least several flights to the Republic of Crimea. It will provide our compatriots with additional recreational opportunities”, — Head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov stated. 

Therefore, Nord Airlines launched air traffic between Crimea and region of Orenburg on 3 June. For the first time since 2017, Embraer E190 aircrafts are exploited to conduct flights. The flights are scheduled twice a week until 29 October: the Crimean destination is available on Tuesdays and Fridays and return journey can be conducted on Mondays and Thursdays. The travel time is about three hours. 

“Ural Airlines” resumed flights from Zhukovskiy to Crimea and back since 1 June. Flights are scheduled three times a week until 30 October – on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

“Stable growth of a number of flights applied for a summer period continues at the airport of Simferopol. As a frequency on opened directions increases, then new ones are launched. Taking into consideration the crisis of the international air traffic and closing the borders of the popular foreign resorts, we face with an additional load and responsibility for serving all people, who wish to rest in Crimea. The preparation for the work under the conditions of an expected record passenger traffic flow doesn’t cease. All arrangements to ensure safe and regular air traffic between Crimea and other regions of our country are being made”, — Chief Executive Officer of PLC “International Airport of Simferopol” Yevgeniy Plaksin noticed. 

In doing so, according to the results of May, for the first time of its modern history, the airport of Simferopol serviced more than a half million passengers. In comparison with May 2020, traffic increased 15 times or by 1500%. A daily passenger flow reached its maximum by 30 May in the third month of the spring, when the airport had serviced 28,888 people. That day, 204 scheduled flights were accommodated and assigned. The traffic with over 200 flights per day was registered only in August. 

It should also be noted that Crimea ceases to be only a seasonal resort. A fast growth of a passenger flow started to be registered since March. 

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Tour around the country

A number of tourists, who travel to Crimea by train, also increase. For today, the “Tavriya” train route network covers more than 300 major population centers and consists of 14 destinations. Tourists will get an opportunity not only to reach the resort, but also have an express — tour around the significant territory of our Motherland — most time of the trip, you will be able to enjoy amazing views outside of your carriage’s window. 

The “Tavriya” started making scheduled trips along a new route from Simferopol to Murmansk since 24 May. Rail journey are performed once every nine days and pass through Rostov, Povorino, Rtishchevo, Penza, Arzamas, Dzerzhinsk, Kovrov, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Danilov, Vologda and Obozyorsk. The route length is 4540 km. 

Moreover, the first train from Moscow arrives in Feodosiya in May. Total length of the route is 1831 km. Herein, the train passes through the Crimean Bridge in the daytime. Frequency of train traffic is once every three days and travel time is 28 hours. 

This summer, trains cruise from Simferopol to Moscow, Smolensk, Astrakhan, Omsk, Perm, Kislovodsk and Tambov. Trips are made from Sevastopol and Yevpatoriya to Moscow and Saint Petersburg, as well as from Yevpatoriya to Pskov. 

Train tickets can be purchased 90 days prior departure. Due to the feverish demand, the train № 27/28 (Moscow — Simferopol) ticket reservations deadline prolonged until to 120 days prior departure. 

Comfort is everywhere 

Today more than ever, it’s comfortable to travel around the peninsula by car. New highways and transport interchanges were built, roads are being repaired in every town and district. Those places, which were almost inaccessible for walking in past, now even a bantam car can go through there. 

It’s confirmed by the increased tourist flow. From the date of the inauguration of the Crimean Bridge, 14 million vehicles passed over it. There were almost 2 million transport trucks and 165 thousand buses were among them. From January to May of this year, more than a million of cars crossed the Crimean Bridge. It exceeds the similar indicator of the last year by 22 per cent. 

A transfer service of private road transport in the direction to Crimea and back by rail along the route Moscow — Simferopol is also available. An advantage of the vehicle transfer inside of the car transporter is that passengers don’t expend energy on long distance trips. Owners can rest in the train, while their vehicles stay in the carriages next to them. 

All of it is the result of the long and meticulous work aimed at reviving of the peninsula and creating of comfortable and accessible infrastructure of the all — Russian resort accomplished by the federal and republican authorities. Nowadays, Crimea has an opportunity to host a record number of tourists and work on increasing of a tour flow in future. 

Photos: Andrei Novokhat’ko