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Ukrainian public figures will be criminally prosecuted for establishing food, energy and water blockades of Crimea

A meeting of the working group was held at the State Council of the Republic of Crimea. That session was devoted to carrying out of an analysis of the damage sustained by the Republic of Crimea during the period, when it was under the rule of Ukraine and due to the unlawful actions of Ukraine against the Republic of Crimea after its integration in to the Russian Federation.

“We pull up all the materials related to all the levels of the blockades. We work jointly with all the bodies of executive power. We collect information about material losses. Of course, the case is about large amounts. Ukraine will have to pay a very high price for that aggression. There is a direct loss and there is a consequential loss. It’s very difficult to estimate the damage, but we are already working on it too. This concerns both the energy and water blockades. We also take the banking sector into account, as the money residents of Crimea had honestly earned for that period disappeared. Furthermore, there are issues connected with actions or inactions of Ukraine during the period when Crimea was under the Ukrainian rule”, — Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov told.

According to him, it’s a delicate subject, which requires a historical analysis.

“We came to the Russian Federation being beggars and on bare feet. We were accepted with no kindergartens, with bumpy roads, with destroyed health care system. We can continue listing of these aspects: roads, water and other problems, which we have to solve and rebuild. We will strive to get a reparation of damages”, — Vladimir Konstantinov assured.

Moreover, the final list of the individuals, whom the criminal cases would be launched against, was announced at the session of the working group on carrying out of an analysis of the damage sustained by Crimea from different blockades. The list includes the following Ukrainian public figures:

  • people’s deputy Mustafa Dzhemilev;
  • head of the extremist organization prohibited in Russia known as the mejlis of the crimean tatar people Refat Chubarov;
  • businessman Lenur Islyamov;
  • former president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk;
  • former president of Ukraine Pyotr Poroshenko;
  • people’s deputy Vitaliy Stashuk;
  • former presidential representative of Ukraine in the so-called “ARC” Boris Babin;
  • former people’s deputy Andrei Senchenko;
  • former people’s deputy Igor Lutsenko;
  • former people’s deputy Vladimir Parasyuk;
  • former head of Kherson region Andrei Putilov;
  • former head of Genichesk Alexander Vorobyov.





За продовольственную, энергетическую и водную блокады Крыма украинские деятели получат уголовные дела