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Crimea occupies a special place in the history of the exploration and conquering of space, - Aksyonov

The Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov congratulated residents of the peninsula on the Cosmonautics Day at his official Vkontakte page and noted that Crimea held a special place in the history of the exploration and conquering of space.

Today is the Cosmonautics Day! We celebrate the 60th anniversary of Gagarin’s spaceflight. I want to congratulate all workers and veterans of the space industry, all Crimeans and all people, who are proud of the history and victories of our Homeland on the glorious anniversary!

The 12th of April is the day of the outstanding triumph of our country, one of the highest trajectory points of the national and world history. The leap in the space became possible due to the genius of our developers and scientists, talent of our engineers, craftsmanship of workers and of course thanks to courage and highest professionalism of aerotechnics testers, pilots and astronauts.

There were not only the great achievements of the Soviet science, but also ideas of the Russian philosophers and heroic spirit of the pathfinders, who helped Russia to increase with new lands and gain huge territories. That legendary flight took place in 16 years right after the end of the terrible, devastating war and it showed which space successes our nation could reach in the literal sense of the word.

Crimea occupies a special place in the history of the exploration and conquering of space.

The invaluable contribution to that history was made by the specialists of the Ground-Based Measuring Station № 10 in the Shkolnoye settlement near Simferopol, Deep Space Communications Center in Yevpatoriya and scientists of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory located in the Nauchnoye settlement in the Bakhchisaraiskiy District.

The radio communication session with the first artificial Earth satellite “Sputnik 1” was conducted in Shkolnoye, the Soviet robotic lunar rovers were tested here and they were operated from this place.

The “Voskhod”, “Vostok” and “Soyuz” spacecrafts, which flew to Mars and Venus, were operated from Yevpatoriya. The first message in the history of the mankind to extraterrestrial civilizations was sent in 1962 from this Crimean town.

The names of Yuriy Gagarin and Sergey Korolev and other people, who provided our country with the global leadership in the exploration of space, are connected with Crimea. Nowadays, Crimea continues making contributions to the implementation of important space projects. The Deep Space Communications Center in Yevpatoriya got a new life. The equipment was modernized and technical capacities of the Center grow. The inauguration of the Cosmonauts Alley in Simferopol in the end of the last year was an important and symbolic event.

Our space peninsula presented three astronauts-pilots to Russia: among them is a habitant of Simferopol Oleg Kotov, native of the Kirovskiy District Vasiliy Tsibilev and resident of Sevastopol Anton Shkaplerov. When Crimea returned back home in 2014, we got a hope that new names will be added to list of the Crimeans, who conquered space”, — Head of Crimea wrote.

Reference: KIA