08 апреля 2021

Struggle against the “vaccine nationalism”

Struggle against the “vaccine nationalism”

The interview with the Head of the Chinese Foreign Service Wang Yi was published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China (PRC — editorial note) several days ago. The minister stated about such a new concept as the “vaccine nationalism”. The essence of this phenomenon is that the rich countries, wherein 16 % of the population of the world lives, bought 60 % of the world volume of vaccine. “Some developed countries ordered the quantities of the vaccine that exceed their own population three-four times”, — Main diplomat of China pointed out.

Gap in paces

And this is despite the fact many developing countries suffer from a serious deficit of the vaccine and a range of countries can’t receive even a single dose. “Now, this gap in the paces of the vaccination becomes the unfortunate, but deplorable reality”, — Wang Yi lamented.

In this regard, he noted that China helped to provide more than 80 countries and three international organizations with the vaccine, as well as deliver medical preparations (on a commercial basis) to more than 40 states. Currently, the PRC cooperates with 10 countries in the projects on development and creation of the vaccine. The Tianxia plans to establish regional centers of production and distribution of the vaccine all around the world.

It should be mentioned that such China’s approach is totally shared by Russia, whose leadership mentioned that the vaccine had to become the world heritage. At the meeting with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the Head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF — editorial note) Kirill Dmitriev stated that a major part of the foreign platforms will produce the “Sputnik V” vaccine at full capacity already this month.

“We have reached agreements with 10 countries and 20 producers, including the major manufacturers of the world… India and Korea have already started producing the vaccine and many of these enterprises will reach full production capacity in April”, — Head of the RDIF mentioned.

We will resemble the “Sputnik V” vaccine has already been registered in 59 countries. More than 30 countries have already begun the mass vaccination with the Russian medical preparations.

Benefits to the “injected” people

Nevertheless, the rich countries, which the Chinese minister said unflattering things about, go cry too. The leaders of those states think how to kill two birds with one stone: they have to accomplish the vaccination and control the circulation of their citizens at the same time, who are annoyed by the perspective of getting stuck at home as required by the quarantine regulations.

For instance, German citizens were promised to be provided with benefits in the case if they go through the vaccination. The Head of the Ministry of Health of the Federal Republic of Germany Jens Spahn specified the vaccinated citizens wouldn’t have to follow the quarantine regulations: citizens received a coronavirus shot and obtained immunity will get an opportunity to go shopping without being tested for COVID-19 and travel without following quarantine regulations.

“People received the injection will be able to go shopping and visit barbershops without necessity to have coronavirus test results. Moreover, the employees of the Robert Koch Institute consider that vaccinated citizens won’t have to follow the rules of the quarantine any more”, — Spahn told. According to the minister, the final decision will be made after the third coronavirus wave will go down in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Protect yourself and relatives

According to the Russian Presidential Press Secretary Dmitriy Peskov, the number of our citizens wishing to get a coronavirus vaccine shot increases rapidly. “The consciousness of our citizens continues rising, as they take a decision to protect themselves and their relatives from a severe progress of the disease”, — Press Secretary noticed.

Talking about medical preparation production growth for the demand generation, he recalled that during the conference with the Head of the Russian State it was stated that volumes of manufacturing of the coronavirus vaccine increase every month, allowing to meet the needs of the population.

Reference: Crimean Newspaper