19 марта 2021

Stay healthy!

Stay healthy!

Today, Vladimir Putin has held a meeting with community leaders of Crimea and Sevastopol via videoconference on the day of the reunification of Crimea with Russia. The Head of the Russian State began the meeting by congratulating the residents of the peninsula.

New changes

“I am very pleased to meet all of you and of course I want to congratulate you with the seventh anniversary of the reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia. It’s a big day for all of us and the whole our country, which is big and huge Russia. And meetings with Crimeans and residents of Sevastopol, without exaggeration, in conjunction with this historical date, become our tradition. I believe it’s necessary and important to keep direct contact with you”, — Vladimir Putin stressed.

Herewith, he mentioned that though residents of the peninsula faced with unsolved problems and knew even more about them than subject matter experts did, but they were able to evaluate objectively and open mindedly the positive changes, which came into their life. These are the results of the efforts made by the authority bodies and general great working activities in developing of Crimea and Sevastopol.

Vladimir Putin noted:

“Together with you and all the country, we have done much, we continue putting significant financial resources into economy, social sector, transport infrastructure and pay special attention to preserving of historical and cultural heritage of the ancient, heroic and I can say without exaggeration the sacred for us Crimean land. To cut a long story short, the work is in progress, systematically and in all key areas.

Needless to say, we all have much work to do within the peninsula: there are many facilities must be built, renovated and put in order. After all, many problems have accumulated over previous decades and some of them were not solved at all in fact. This relates both to the water supply system and worn out, run down infrastructure. In the past, nobody wanted to invest anything into the peninsula for decades and only withdrew funds from the region”.

According to the Russian Leader, it’s high time to redeem the time more quickly to create conditions for a dignified and comfort life of the people, as well as expand medical and educational capacities and support the enterprises of Crimea and Sevastopol, attract investors, what will allow not to slow the economy between tourist season and provide new employment opportunities. Moreover, it’s necessary to increase wages and create conditions for making young specialists and professionals more sought-after in different areas and Crimea and Sevastopol must become self-sustainable, successful, secure and modern regions with high living standards.

By many times

Before he started the conversation with social activists, Vladimir Putin also noted that a special session would be held right after the meeting, taking into account its outcomes and earlier proposals.

“We will discuss the urgent issues of the development of the Republic of Crimea and city of federal importance Sevastopol with the leaders of the Government of Russia and regions”, — Head of the Russian State informed.

A straightforward, frank and open conversation with social activists lasted more than an hour. Vladimir Putin was accepting the frank words of appreciation for supporting of the region and invitations. In particular, the President was invited to sanctifying of the renovated Cathedral Church in Simferopol, which must happen already this year, and inauguration of the Cathedral Mosque, which is currently in its final stage, as well as visit the “Taurida” art cluster and many other objects.

Talking about the changes the peninsula had come through since 2014, Vladimir Putin resembled:

“The number of medical facilities has increased two times in Crimea and 4,6 times in Sevastopol for those seven years since the reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia. The medical centers continue to be rigged with the equipment.

Of course, there is much more work to do, but it’s enough to recall the Multifunctional Medical Center named after Semashko designed for 844 beds is already in operation. The medical center was introduced into service last year and nowadays it provides patients with all types of medical services, including high technology medical aid”.

“20 inpatient units were established and some of them are considered to be unique ones for our republic. Among them is a cardiac surgery unit, unit of surgical treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders and conduction, regional vascular centers for treatment of sick people suffering from acute infraction and cerebral crisis. 16 surgery rooms were established, where every day about 50 surgical interventions are performed at. We accomplish the full range of diagnostic studies using the high-technology equipment”, — Chief Medical Officer of the Medical Center Valentina Fursovsa told during the online meeting.

According to her, 600 surgeries had been performed since the time the medical center was inaugurated and 250 of the surgeries were implemented with the use of the high-technology equipment. The neurosurgeons performed a unique operation for Crimea the removal of an epileptic focus in the brain some days ago.

“Several units will be established on the historical territory of the Crimean Republican Hospital after the renovation and remodeling. It will be a thoracic surgery unit, which doesn’t exist now, and pulmonology unit. We will develop a post stroke rehabilitation unit and we also plan to establish a post-COVID rehabilitation unit and general rehabilitation unit”, — Valentina Fursova shared the plans.

No kidding

We should tell that the peninsula is on the track of the development, including not only the medical area, but also many other directions. For example, there are perfect projects for attracting foreign students to the peninsula and one of them is the “Road to Yalta” international music festival. Its uniqueness is in performing of songs of the war period in duets: these were duets of Russian artists and foreign participants. The festival is very important to promote the Soviet cultural heritage abroad. The festival was visited only by 16 foreign participants because of the pandemic in September last year.

“A final gala-concert of the festival will be held on 1 May and now 305 applications from 43 countries of the world have been filed for. We want to thank you for your supporting of such projects as “Road to Yalta” and we want to invite you to attend the festival this year”, — Community leader of Crimea Polina Bolbachan appealed to the President.

She also asked Vladimir Putin what he would respond to the insults of the President of USA Joseph Biden.

“As for the statement of my American colleague. We know each other personally. And what would I answer him? I would tell him: “Stay healthy!”. I wish him good health. I am not kidding or being ironic when I am saying that”, — President of Russia answered.

He added that he had great hopes for the nation of USA.

“With regards to the American establishment, but not to the nation of USA in general, above all things, there are honest, decent and hearty people, who want to live in amity and peace with us. We know about it and cherish it and we will rely on them in future”, — Vladimir Putin concluded.

Reference: Crimean Newspaper

Text: Irina Gulivataya