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Photos: Nataliya Somova

Senator commented on the Ukrainian bill on prohibiting the water supply to Crimea

 Passing the bill on prohibiting the water supply to Crimea, the authorities of Ukraine entirely hold the position of USA. Such an opinion was given to a correspondent of the “Crimean Information Agency” by the representative from the legislative body of the Republic of Crimea in the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Sergei Tsekov.

“They looked to the West and tried to follow the practice of USA and passing of that bill proves they hold the position of USA again. Representatives of USA adopt different laws, which don’t let lift the sanctions on Russia. Fundamentally, this approach hasn’t done USA any good. It hasn’t inflicted any essential damage on our country as well, though we faced only with some light inconvenience”, — Senator stated.

According to him, to justify themselves before the international community, the authorities of Ukraine emphasize that Crimea doesn’t face with the water problem.

“They say we use water for supplying some military facilities. In the other words, they pass a law, which shows the depth of their political thought, though this thought doesn’t possess any depth at all in fact. Passing this law, they imply they will continue implementing the water blockade of Crimea ignoring the fact that such an approach contravenes the global principles in the matters regarding the human rights observance. This crime denies people of Crimea access to water sources”, — Sergei Tsekov stressed.

We will resemble the bill, which prohibits resuming the water supply from the Dnieper river through the North Crimean Canal to Crimea, was introduced into the Supreme Council of Ukraine. This is the way Ukrainian politicians try to put an end to “conversations aimed at resuming the water supply”.

Reference: KIA