09 марта 2021

Possible look of the Lenin Square in Simferopol after renovation

Possible look of the Lenin Square in Simferopol after renovation

This year, authorities plan to improve the Lenin Square. The administration conducted a poll among the local population and found out the opinion of residents of Simferopol how the main square should look like after the following restoration. The residents of Simferopol responded honestly — they lacked resting places, greenery and historical fountain.

The media issue “Komsomolskaya Pravda” contacted with the architectural bureau “ok_architects”, which was developing a concept note of the improvement of the Lenin Square on demand of the administration, and got to know how the central part of the city could be transformed.

Large tiles and lawns

One of the projects envisages laying of large tiles and new steps, which will be created on the analogy of building materials of the 1950s. According to the architects, it will provide people not only with physical, but also visual comfort.

“One part of the tiles will be red and green. The red ones will serve as seating poufs and green ones will become lawns. Moreover, lamps will be built into the tiles. The portion of the steps will be equipped with recreational spaces”, — Head of the architectural bureau told the correspondent of the Crimean department of “The Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Fountain will emerge at the square again

The architects proposed to reconstruct the drinking fountain that existed here once. As it was a significant attribute for citizens of Simferopol and restoring of the fountain must become a relevant idea of the project. The fountain will be made of aluminum to harmonize with panels on the facade of the musical theatre.

All the green planting will be not only preserved, but also complemented by new ones. The trees will become a kind of a curtain from the loud road.

“We want to form an alley of flagpoles in front of the building of the Council of Ministers. For example, such outdoor events as rewarding ceremonies, holidays and meetings can be held there. We plan to build a parking lot from the street of Sevastopolskaya and create a green buffer, which will consist of a pedestrian corridor with niches, where we will place benches within”, — Specialist adds.

Skateboard area and installations

It’s highly likely that a pavilion made of steel pipes and translucent polycarbonate will appear in front of the entrance to the musical theatre. It will serve as a shade awning and resting place with a swing. They want to establish a children’s playground not far from that place.

“We offer to form a dry fountain along the Northern facade of the theatre. It will provide an additional opportunity to get freshness in a hot day. A safe area for skaters will emerge at the ground from Kirov Prospect. It will allow not only to bring variety into the unused city square, but also reconsider a space for practice sports among young people”, — Obodovskiy explains.

On the whole, the project of visualization of the renewed square was approved by the authorities. We still have the issue of creating the project and developing the technical documentation. The schedule is very tight, thus the start of works is on the horizon.

The administration is not in a hurry to reveal the details and tell when the improvement of the main square of the capital will be started and how much money will be spent on it.

Reference: KIA