17 февраля 2021

More than 3 billion of roubles will be invested in the economy of Crimea

More than 3 billion of roubles will be invested in the economy of Crimea

The new projects will attract three billion of roubles of investments to the Republic of Crimea. A session of the Investment Climate Improvement Council of Crimea led by the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea and Minister of Finance of the Republic of Crimea Irina Kiviko with the involvement of the Minister of Economic Development of Crimea Dmitriy Sheryako was held in the videoconference format.

Seven new investment projects were approved at the Council — three projects will be implemented in the area of tourism and resorts and other four ones will be carried out in the areas of agriculture, manufacturing and building industries, as well as trading and services. The general amount of declared investments on all the projects is more than three billion of roubles”, — Minister reported.

According to Dmitriy Sheryako, two investment projects will be carried out in Chernomorskyi district — the volume of declared investments is 548 million of roubles will be spent on the construction of a cottage village and sport and recreation park. The investor will pour 166 million of roubles in the project of building a park with glamping and tent city. The future park will become a place of attraction and center of excursion, festival, athletic and extreme tourism, which meets the world standards.

Another investment project in the area of tourism and resorts is building of an apartment hotel with the architecture in the Mediterranean Southern style that is amounted up to 57,2 million of roubles of investments. The investor undertakes additional obligations on transferring not less than 24 non-residential facilities with the space at least 808,4 m2 to the individuals, who suffered from actions of the troubled real estate developer.

Two projects will be implemented in Simferopol’skyi district and another one in Simferopol with the total level of investments counted about 2,4 billion of roubles. This implies the construction of the industrial complex in Simferopol and building of the multiple residential complex designed for 800 flats and complex manufacturing heating, water-supply, ventilation and conditioning systems in Simferopol’skyi district”, — Minister noticed.

Moreover, the investor will build a fruit-growing complex for cultivating small-fruit crops with a planned volume of investments amounted up to 45 million of roubles.

Reference: KIA