09 апреля 2021

Large scale counter-terrorism exercises took place in the Black Sea

Large scale counter-terrorism exercises took place in the Black Sea

During the period from 7 to 8 April 2021, the anti-terrorist drills called “Lagoon-2021” were held in the waters of the Black Sea. The statement was given by the Administration of the Border Service of the Federal Security Service for the Republic of Crimea.

The units and military means of security forces of two subjects of the Russian Federation: Republic of Crimea and region of Krasnodar and among these structures were the Border Administrations, Administration of the FSS of Russia, Minister of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations, units of the National Guard of Russia and bodies of the executive authority were used in the training counter-terrorism operation on the suppression of terrorist acts.

According to legend, the cruise ship “Dagomys” departed from the port of the city of Sochi was seized by hypothetical terrorists, the crew of the vessel and passenger were taken hostage.

The Operation Headquarters assessed the situation in the short term, developed a plan and conducted a combat exercise on neutralization of terrorists and freeing of hostages. The “terrorist act” was prevented.

During the anti-terrorist exercises, the personnel of the uniformed agencies rehearsed the procedure of implementing urgent measures on preventing the terrorist act, carrying out a counter-terrorism operation within the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, conducting of a combat exercise on neutralization of the intruders and release of the hostages on the vessel captured by the criminals.

At the end of the active phase of the operations, the exercises for minimizing the consequences of the crimes of terrorist nature, including ship mine clearing, as well as preventing of spilling of petroleum products were conducted.

The Head of the Operation Headquarters positively evaluated the actions of all the participants of the counter-terrorism drills, mentioned their coherence and readiness to conducting of anti-terrorist exercises on the maritime facilities.

Reference: KIA