14 января 2021

Interpol terminated searching for criminals, who are wanted in Crimea

Interpol terminated searching for criminals, who are wanted in Crimea

Proceeding from purely political reasons, the International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO — editorial note) flagrantly violated the rights of Crimeans recognized as victims during criminal investigations. The statement was given by the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Crimea Oleg Kamshilov at the meeting with journalists.

“The Interpol stopped to track criminals, who have left the territory of Crimea and who are subjected to the criminal prosecution for the crimes committed within the republic. This concerns all types of crimes from thefts to homicides. The Interpol has removed all the criminals from the wanted list and we were officially informed about it through the Office of the Prosecutor General”, — Kamshilov told.

According to the Prosecutor of Crimea, any person breaking the law in Crimea and moving abroad will not be wanted by the ICPO because of the political decision this organization has made.

“We receive the following information — one criminal was removed from the wanted list, then another one isn’t tracked anymore. Of course, people recognized as victims in the criminal cases try to appeal the outcomes of the investigations, but they don’t see favorable judgments of the court and here we don’t even imply that it’s not fair, but we want to note that such an approach violates all basic rights of the victims. In other words, criminals remain unpunished solely due to the political decision made by the Interpol”, — Oleg Kamshilov stressed.

Reference: KIA