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Gastronomical fantasies at the backdrop of the great Ukrainian depression: senator commented on Zelenskiy’s statement of Crimea

The president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy continues making statements on the subject of Crimea ignoring problems of his citizens. Such an opinion on a new statement of the Ukrainian president was expressed by a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Olga Kovitidi to “The Crimean Newspaper”.

Earlier, in his interview to “Ukrayinskaya Pravda”, Zelenskiy told about his dreams to rest at the Cape of Fiolent and have a glass of the “Novyi Svet” champagne after Ukraine would “regain” control over the peninsula.

The interests of Ukrainian leaders in Crimea don’t push the bounds over gastronomical memories. The constant nostalgia of the president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy about Crimean rapana and Crimean champagne is a bright evidence of those words. Thus, today, the Ukrainian nation is going through a difficult period, which is called the period of the Great Ukrainian Depression. All of that led to the restoration of anarchist and nationalistic sentiments within the Ukrainian society torn with crisis”, — Kovitidi stated.

She also reminded of the fact that Crimea had already determined its future in 2014 at the Referendum and it wouldn’t get involved in the games of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian authority had de facto lost their sovereignty long time ago and now it tries to put up a good front on it flirting with its Western lords habitually. So, is there a place for Crimeans in that geopolitical farcical play? Of course, the answer is simple: Crimeans don’t see their place in the country, which actually plays no regard to their citizens”, — Senator noticed.

Kovitidi also expressed her regret about those citizens of Ukraine, who had to be surviving or leaving their country.

Currently, for this reason, we are just sorry about our neighbors, our Ukrainian brothers, who massively leave the country to work in Russia or European Union in search of better opportunities. To my mind, the president of Ukraine should better think about fate of his citizens, who had voted for the future of their country and this future is unfortunately found not on the territory of Ukraine”, — Kovitidi told.

In 2014, Crimea became the Russian region after the Referendum. The great majority of residents of Crimea and Sevastopol supported the integration of Crimea into Russia. According to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the subject of Crimea is “closed once and for all”.