01 февраля 2021

Crimea received more than 33 billion of roubles for the implementation of the FTP in 2021

Crimea received more than 33 billion of roubles for the implementation of the FTP in 2021

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea Yevgeniy Kabanov reported at the session on building issues that 33,7 billion of roubles were allocated for the construction and restoration of 310 objects within the framework of the Federal Target Program in Crimea (FTP) in 2021.

The funding limit is foreseen within 33 billion and 700 million of roubles for 2021. Under the FTP, it’s planned to implement 310 objects in 2021. Among these objects, the design and survey works will be accomplished on 84 ones and the construction and assembling operations will be performed on 226 ones”, — Kabanov noticed.

He added that it’s planned to implement 13 facilities through the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services, what includes 12 deep-water outlets and one water supply plan update. On behalf of the Ministry of Land and Property Relations, it’s planned to put the takeoff and landing strip of the Simferopol International Airport into operation and grant protection for the objects of the complex.

It is planned to put 33 objects into service through the Ministry of Culture — about 28 major structural repairs of the Houses of Culture throughout of the territory of the Republic of Crimea and 7 design and estimate documentations. On behalf of the Ministry of Education, it’s planned to put the kindergarten designed for 240 kids into operation in the village of Vilino of the Bakhchisarai district”, — Yevgeniy Kabanov told.

It’s planned to put 30 facilities into operation through the Ministry of Construction and Architecture:

The construction and placing of the Beshterek-Zuiski water supply system into operation will be able to provide habitants of Simferopol with additional 20 thousand of cubic meters of water a day. The restoration of the Frontovoye main water supply line and completion construction of the Nezhenski and Prostornenski water supply systems”, — Kabanov listed.

The Head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov gave an order to publish a complete list of objects, which will be implemented this year, on the website of the Government of the Republic of Crimea.

Reference: KIA