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Crimea overtook Turkey and Abkhazia to become the most popular summer tourist destination

The analytical agency «TurStat» reported that Crimea got on the russian list of top 5 leading tourist destinations of summer 2020.

«Crimea, Krasnodar region, Altai republic, Abkhazia and Turkey have become the five most popular tourist destinations among russian vacationers this summer. According to the statistics, the Krasnodar region was visited by 6 million of tourists, Crimea received 3,5 million of guests, Altai republic was attended by 2 million of resort visitors, Abkhazia attracted more than a million of holidayers and Turkey was liked by 500 thousand of russian tourists», — agency’s experts told.

The tourist destinations faced with the largest tourist flows in August. During that month, the Krasnodar region’s resort places were visited by 4 million of tourists, Crimea received 2 million of vacationers and 440 thousand of people spent their holidays in Turkey.

Reference: KIA