21 сентября 2020

Crimea: a fact-finding mission

Crimea: a fact-finding mission

Photos: Natalia Somova

When people decide to go on vaction, they may not pay much attention to this event and usually plan it by chance. Of course some of potential tourists value their own holidays, so they think carefully of all details, which can happen during their journey. With the assistance of wise experts, the Crimean Newspaper created an informative how-to-act guide for all visitors and guests going to the Republic of Crimea.

Can you pay via a creadit card?

Russia’s national banking and financial systems opearate on the territory of Crimea and Sevastopol. To withdraw money from a card, a person can use an ATM machine or attend any branch of local banks. We have to notice that you will not find a wide range of russian banks in Crimea, but credit cards of these banks will be accepted and served at any rate. Tourists will be able to pay via their credit cards in all major hotels and hostels, airport, bus and railway station ticket offices, as well as in many restaurants, cafes, supermarket departments and big trading network sales points.

What places in Crimea do attract large numbers of tourists? Where can you stay alone with your vacation preferences?

Traditionally, areas of Alushta, Yalta, Big Alushta and Big Yalta are in great demand among guests of Crimea. Premium hotels are very popular, so it isn’t a surprise that plenty of chambers have already been reserved up to the end of a tourist season. According to average statistics rates, Crimean hotel accommodation facilities are filled up to 80 percent. If you prefer to rest on your own without high noise, comfortable beaches of Chernomorsky and Leninsky districts will meet your expetations.

Travelling with your pet? Information you should know.

When a tourist takes a pet into his journey to the Republic of Crimea, he will have to think about arranging an animal passport. This document should contain all compulsory vaccinations marks and infomation about sanitizing a pet from fleas and helminths. Furthermore, the vaccinations must be accomplished not later than 30 days and not earlier than 12 months before leaving.

What is the specifity of different parts of Crimea?

A dry subtropical climate and mountain-sea air, which is rich with phytoncides and sea salts, are common peculiarities of the Southern coast of Crimea (from Foros to Alushta). People possessing respiratory organs disorders, cardiovascular system diseases or thinking of general health recovery procedures will find Crimea a proper region not only for active tourism, but also for effective curing of mentioned illnesses. Moreover, kids and pregnant women are recommended to visit the southern coast of Crimea to improve their health levels. Shingle beaches will meet tourists in this area.

Talking about the Western coast of the Crimean Peninsula, we have to mention it is well-known by its healing muds. This part of Crimea has the best sandy beaches in the whole region. Shallow water bathing sea zones and a large number of sunny days is an excellent variant for children’s recreation and treatment.

There are sandy-shingle beaches and a dry subtropical climate in the South-Eastern Crimea (outside Alushta). This part of Crimea is highly recommended for patients facing with respiratory organs problems and ENT illnesses. It’s also very important to notice that local beautiful landscapes,  unique vegetation and a large number of sunny days create great opportunities both for psychophysical recovery and general health improvement.

Are you booking a room in a hotel or sanatorium? Tips to avoid crooks’ tricks

«As a rule, swindlers find out hotels finished their acitivities and launch websites using such ceased brands. Offering big discounts, crooks want to deceive tourists to get full prepayments» — a minister of Tourism and Resorts of the Republic of Crimea Vadym Volchenko mentioned.

Before you choose a place to stay, you will have to remeber that plenty of hotels ask for a partial prepayment. If you get a full payment request that is supposed to be an exception. Besides of it, we advise tourists to pay attention to telephone number codes of a region, where they intend to rent apartments. Don’t make payments without confirmation.

The second step is to check on a hotel you’ve chosen. A list of certified hotels is available on mtur.rk.gov.ru, which is the official website of the Crimean Ministrty of Tourism and Resorts or you can get in touch with via a government hotline.

How can we leave the Airport to reach Simferopol?

Visitors and guests of Simferopol are able to leave the Aivazovsky airport  and go to the capital of Crimea by taxi or local transport. All passengers of a new Simferopol air harbour terminal can order a taxi with the help of unified airport dispatching center. Taxi cars are equipped with modern technology solutions, such air conditioners, free Wi-Fi, gadget chargers and baby car seats. Car trips can be paid by credit cars or with cash. If you have any questions or need more information about prices and airport services, please call a following number: +7(978)000-44-00 or visit an airport website new.sipaero.ru.

Not all incoming tourists wish to go to Simferopol. In such a case, it’s possible to use intercity transport services — long-distance buses and trolleybuses are at your full disposal. To get more details about a route network system and transit prices, we advise you to attend a website of SUE «KrimAvtoTrans»  krimavtotrans.info.

All useful tips, advice and facts are always available for you on the pages of the Crimean Journal journalcrimea.ru and within a government tourist website of the Republic of Crimea travelcrimea.com

Text: Svetlana Shostak
Photos: Natalia Somova