05 ноября 2020

Top statements given by Maria Zakharova about Crimea

Top statements given by Maria Zakharova about Crimea

Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation met with journalists of the Republic of Crimea by the invitation of “The Crimean Magazine”. We have prepared main talking points announced by Maria Zakharova during the meeting.

Necessity of international recognition of the Crimea’s status

All the time I surf a top news list, I can see different statements: “Somebody announced that he refused to recognize” or “Another person told that he did recognize”. Why do we really care about it? We’ve made our choice. That decision was highly appreciated on the whole territory of the Russian Federation. The matter is closed for the all unified state, which includes Crimea too. Should we look back any time someone told about this topic or what? Did they recognize? Perfect. It’s good that they saw a true reality and inevitable facts. They didn’t recognize? It’s not so important now. I am sure they will take it for granted later.

About new reality

— Countries denying the Russian status of Crimea, they just cause troubles to themselves. We are grateful to those people, who accept the new reality. However, an existing reality is quite different from the life we know. You can deny the reality as much as you want, but it will be only your problems.

About mistakes foreign colleagues make

Having recognized it (the Russian status of Crimea — editorial note), they will have to realize their own powerlessness. They will have to understand that their experiment, aimed at making waves within Ukraine and beyond its borders, failed. They absolutely didn’t take into consideration neither the Ukrainian nor our Russian history. They didn’t want to see the facts that Ukraine is a multinational state possessing its own historical contradictions.

About lexicon and integration

— We still have got a word combination “mainland Russia” in the lexicon, but I am sure it will disappear in a year or two. You can’t even imagine how much political center works to integrate tissues between each other as painless as possible and in very short terms.

Hold a teleconference in UN for citizens of Crimea

— We discuss such an idea to open a teleconference with the Headquarters of the United Nations. So many times the word “Crimea” sounded from the dialogue platforms of the UN. It will be fair, if you get an opportunity to speak directly with some foreign representatives. It can be journalists or non-commercial organizations.

About a favorite place in Crimea

 — I am arriving, when I am called. Though, I can come at my own wish. Today, I have been invited to the meeting by the “The Crimean Magazine”. I have visited the Vorontsov Palace and I was really impressed. My favorite plant is wisteria and there are thickets of wisteria, as well as the sea, palace and park can be also found in that area. I was definitely amazed, as I didn’t suppose it could be so beautiful there.


Text: Andrei Novohat’ko