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“Small Jerusalem” itinerary in Yevpatoriya won the All-Russian Tourist Award

At the beginning of February, the VII-th All-Russian Tourist Award “Route of the Year” was held in the city of Saransk, where more than 200 projects from 46 region of Russia were represented. The tourist itinerary “Small Jerusalem” in Yevpatoriya took first place in the nomination “Best route in the city” of the VII-th All-Russian Tourist Award “Route of the Year”. The statement was published on the website of the city administration of Yevpatoriya. The delegation was led by the Head of Yevpatoriya Olesya Kharitonenko.

Moreover, the delegation from Yevpatoriya participated in the round-table event “Implementation of children’s programs in 2021” organized by the “Project Office for Children’s Tourism” and conference “Trends of Tourist Itineraries and Excursion Programs of 2021” in the award’s final.

These are splendid communication platforms for the exchange of experience and organization of the interaction of all the individuals interested in the area of developing of tourist itineraries on the territory of the country, — Head of Yevpatoriya noticed.

Reference: KIA