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Sergey Aksyonov congratulated citizens of Simferopol on the 77th anniversary of the liberation of the city from Nazi invaders

The occupation of the city lasted 865 days.

“Dear citizens of Simferopol!

Dear veterans!

I want to congratulate you and all the Crimeans on the Day of Liberation of Simferopol from German-fascist invaders!

The troops of the victorious Red Army and partisan forces cleared the enemies from the capital of Crimea 77 years ago. Moscow made fireworks: 20 artillery salvos from 224 cannons in the honor of the liberation of the city on the evening of 13 April 1944. 11 units and fighting forces got the honorific names showing their belonging to Simferopol.

The occupation of the city lasted 865 days. Thousands of our countrymen became the victims of the fascists and their collaborators. We will never forget the people, who lost their lives in that war!

The enemy couldn’t break the will of Crimeans and destroy their faith in the Great Victory. Operations of the Crimean partisans and deeds of clandestine members went down in history of the Great Patriotic War, it’s a good example of resilience and heroism, greatest strength of spirit and selfless love to the Motherland.

Today, the T-34 tank with the hull number 201 is on the pedestal in the Square of the Victory located in the center of Simferopol. It was one of the first Soviet tanks, which broke into Simferopol. The tank coexists with the Saint Alexander Nevskiy Cathedral and Dolgorukovskiy obelisk, which recalls about the glorious victory of the Russian troops under the command of the Prince Vasiliy Dolgorukov-Krymskiy in 1771, who played a big role in integrating of Crimea into the Russian Empire.

It is not coincidence that creation of the People’s Militia of Crimea, which made the enormous contribution to the victory of the Crimean Spring, was started near the temple built in the honor of the saint warrior-prince and monuments devoted to the glorious victories of our Homeland. It’s a symbol of the inseparability and continuity of our history. In 2014, residents of Crimea have written a new page in this history.

Congratulations to you, my friends!”, — Head of the republic told.

Reference: KIA