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Project of the construction of a railway line to the airport of Simferopol is estimated at 286 million of roubles

The “Crimea Railway” company acts as an ordering customer of works on the construction of a branch railway line to the airport of Simferopol. The tender documentation was published on the state procurement website. The construction project will cost 286,4 million of roubles. The length of the railway line will be 12 kilometers.

The next points are to be envisaged in designing of the track layout pattern: it’s necessary to design 3 receiving and departure tracks with not less than 400 meters effective length of line for daily services of 33 pairs of trains with an arrival interval of 20 minutes and reciprocal departure on 3 routes or there should be envisaged building of 2 rail tracks not less than 800 meters in length with a separation by block-train traffic lights for a simultaneous reception of two trains of a same direction for a single receiving and departure track that will be equipped with an appropriate alarm system”, — information from the documents published on the state procurement website.

It was also stated that continuous rails would be laid. Moreover, it’s necessary to envisage the restoration of the existing passenger platforms.

The estimated value of the construction of the branch railway line is 7 billion of roubles.

Reference: KIA

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