09 декабря 2020

Participants from USA, Israel and Syria became winners of the Internet quiz “Crimea in the history of the Russian World”

Participants from USA, Israel and Syria became winners of the Internet quiz “Crimea in the history of the Russian World”

The Domestic Politics, Information and Communications Deputy Minister and Head of the Domestic Politics Department of the Republic of Crimea Elizaveta Gluschenko reported that the Organizing Committee on preparation and holding the international web quiz “Crimea in the history of the Russian World” had defined 3 winners of the event in 2020.

“This year, Alexander Strokhanov from USA, Ilia Golubev from Israel and Rabab Ismail from Syria have won the web quiz. Exactly their creative works have been acknowledged as the best ones among 40 finalists. On behalf of the ministry and in my personal capacity, I want to congratulate the winners, who will be able to visit Crimea next year only under the condition if the situation with the new coronavirus infection is stabilized”, — Deputy Minster noticed and added that some finalists have taken part in the quiz for several years.

Elizaveta Gluschenko told that 268 people from 63 countries of the world participated in the Internet quiz.

The most active participants were our compatriots from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. In addition to it, the compatriots in age from 18 to 44 years old (44 % of participants) and under 18 years old (32%) took an active part in the web quiz in the current year.

Furthermore, the major part of the compatriots (40%) selected the topic of the creative task “You are very beautiful, shores of Tauris”: Crimea as a source of inspiration of great Russian writers and poets”. Almost the same amount of our compatriots (38%) preferred an essay titled “The Russian World” — what does this concept mean for me?”. About 12 % of the compatriots chose the topic “Why did the President of Russia Vladimir Putin call Russians “the largest divided nation of the world” during the famous “Crimean speech” on March 2014?, 8 % of participants selected “Crimea is a moment of truth” in the mutual relations between Russia and the West and 2 % of the attendees opted for the topic “How do you think what does the inextricable link of the Russian identity with Crimea reside in?”.

There are 40 of our compatriots from 25 countries of the world made into the final of the Internet quiz. Then, the members of the Organizing Committee of the event determined three winners from the number of the finalists by voting.

Reference: KIA