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Moscow and Crimea came to an agreement on a strategic tourism partnership

The Committee for Tourism of Moscow and the Ministry of Tourism and Resorts of the Republic of Crimea signed an agreement aimed at developing the tourist industry and strengthening the interregional cooperation between two regions.

It is planned both sides will be developing collaborative work efforts in a wide range of government directions, including the cooperation between tourist organizations of the regions, the exchange of experience concerned to state regulations in a tourism area and the assistance in creation of new tourist itineraries.

Aspects connected with the development of child, youth and family tourism and improvements of the older generation and social tourism sectors, as well as carrying out collaborative arrangements and exchanging of event calendars and other relevant information are also envisaged by this agreement.

The Republic of Crimea possesses far-reaching ambitious plans for the cooperation with the Moscow City Government. The agreement implies both sides will be working at joint programs and projects directed at increasing and developing our mutual tourist flows during the whole year but not only in summer periods.

“Traditionally, if we compare cities of the Russian Federation in the context of the general tourist flow, so we will be able to see that most tourists came to the Republic of Crimea from Moscow. By the way, Moscow remains a highly desired tourist destination among plenty of Crimeans. Thus, it’s quite important to pay much attention to the cooperation between Moscow and Crimea. Moreover, as Moscow is the main transport hub, so it’s possible to collaborate about a large number of mutual marketing and informational support projects and approaches”, — a Minister of Tourism and Resorts of the Republic of Crimea Vadim Volchenko told.

In the short term, coding engineers and programmers will start integrating web program applications and electronic services of the Republic of Crimea with the RUSSPASS platform.

A chairwoman of the Committee for Tourism of Moscow Ekaterina Pronicheva noticed that the RUSSPASS platform cooperation between Moscow the Republic will allow to increase mutual tourist flows and promote the tourist potentiality of two regions, as well as provide all RUSSPASS platform users with the most detailed information about culture, history and tourist opportunities of the Republic of Crimea.

Reference: KIA