06 апреля 2021

First festival of ethnographical films “Crimean film shot” was held in Simferopol

First festival of ethnographical films “Crimean film shot” was held in Simferopol

The organizers are sure that the event will get a permanent residence within the peninsula.

Symbolic location

The history of the festival dates back to 2018, when the screening of the short films, produced by the Crimean authors on the peninsula, was organized. Now, it reached the all-Russian level and provides all movie directors, who make documentary and feature films focused on strengthening of friendship between nations, with an opportunity to represent their art works.

The Chairman of the Crimean republican department of the “Union of Cinematographers of Russia” Boris Mayevskiy noted that unfortunately, there were not so many platforms in the country for showing of such film products. Cognitive movies are shot, but viewers don’t know anything about them.

“The more festivals will be held in Crimea, the more people will know episodes, which can be unavailable sometimes, as not all films can be watched”, — he mentioned.

The fact that the festival is held in one of the most multinational regions of the country — representatives of 175 nationalities live in Crimea — can be called a symbolic event, that’s how the participants of the forum think.

According to the opinion of the Chairman of the Committee on the Public Diplomacy and Interethnic Relations of the State Council of Crimea Yuriy Gempel, the festival of ethnographical films “Crimean film shot” will assist in overcoming of the blockade initiated by the Western countries, which spread all kinds of fakes about the violation of interests of national minorities.

“The most important thing is that both the executive and legislative authorities are very attentive to the needs of the national associations. There are developed documents, which became the basis for providing the national and cultural communities with assistance in implementation of cultural needs. I firmly believe that this festival and films will be additionally work on maintaining of peace and mutual understanding not only in the peninsula, but also abroad”, — he noticed.

Art based on peace

The films from the different corners of the country were sent to the competition: from Moscow and Saint Petersburg to Bashkortostan and Komi Republic. 35 art works were selected from a huge number of films, they were submitted to several nominations: documentary movies in short and full length, feature fiction films and movies made in Crimea. All art works were dedicated to the revelation of the topic of the national traditions and customs, as well as the diversity of ethnical cultures. Some of represented movies tell about prominent people, who glorified their nation, among other things, films about Ivan Aivazovskiy, Nicolai von Hartwiss and Naum Balaban could also be seen at the festival.

According to the chairman of the jury, people’s artist of Russia and famous actor Mikhail Bogdasarov, it was very difficult to determine the winner. Nevertheless, the film “Land of Kereks” shot by the stage director from Yekaterinburg Ivan Golovnyov received the grand prix of the festival. The full-length movie “Bulgarians. Two fates of the same nation” won the award in the nomination “Multinational world of Russia” and as for short-length films, the movie “Russian Ustyentians. Under the sun of the Arctic” won the award. The best fiction films were “The “Taganok” Squad” and short-length movie “He said: “Mother”. The film “Crimean healer” directed by Tatiana Miroshnik was marked in the nomination “Shot in Crimea, shot about Crimea”. It tells about the fate of the scientist and psychiatrist and professor Naum Isidorovich Balaban, who was the chief medical officer of the asylum of Simferopol and who together with his patients was tortured by the Nazi punishers during the Great Patriotic War.

The famous film director Yuriy Kara, who worked much on his films in Crimea, carried out the evening in the framework of the festival. He is sure that the peninsula’s locations can serve as the places for shooting of any movie.

“You can make any film here because it’s the most wonderful place in the Earth! I would like these movies to tell about friendship and I would like this region to know only peace — the art is possible only in this case. It was always honorable and gladly for me to produce film in Crimea and I want to continue my activity here”, — he told.

Reference: Crimean Newspaper

Text: Boris Sedenko