02 ноября 2020

Every fifth tourist arrives in Crimea to see museums

Every fifth tourist arrives in Crimea to see museums

Basing on a sociological survey, the Ministry of Tourism and Resorts of the Republic of Crimea informs that almost 20 percent of tourists select the Crimean destination for cultural-cognitive tourism.

According to figures of the sociological survey conducted by the Crimean Ministry of Tourism and Resorts, which is based on the questionnaire poll six thousand of Crimean guests went through, there are about 19 percent of tourists choose Crimea, above all, as a place of cultural-cognitive tourism. Thus, of the more than five million of tourists, who have rested in Crimea since the beginning of the year, over two million of guests of the peninsula have visited local museums. The statement was given by the Minister of Tourism and Resorts of the Republic of Crimea Vadim Volchenko during the festival-forum “Art Digitalization” 2020.

In the long run, we see opportunities for creating additional points of attraction in the reconstruction of historical centers of Crimea and recapitalization of operating facilities of interest. For example, the world famous Vorontsov Palace in Alupka is visited by 600 thousand of tourists in a year. It’s possible to double indexes via creating an additional tourist infrastructure around the palace. That will be investments into the reconstruction of Alupka’s historical streets, old-fashioned cottages and villas with interesting architecture, which once belonged to nobles raised by the Court”, — Minister noticed.

According to him, this cultural tourist cluster is a nice place for building supplementary entertaining tourist objects, such as grounds for organizing historical installations, establishing food-courts and making small arrangements during a special sanitary-epidemiological situation. Such an approach will help not only develop a place of interest, but also generate employment opportunities on a year-round basis in small resort towns, where it’s especially needed.

Nowadays, the touristic attractiveness of that region doesn’t function in the complex mode, without being precisely divided into a beach recreation in summer and museum and historical leisure time during the rest of the year, when tourists attend Alupka just because of the Vorontsov Palace. Herewith, we understand that under these dividing conditions a level of a tourist recurrence is very low, what negatively affects the economy of the whole resort micro-region”, — Vadim Volchenko stressed.

Reference: KIA