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Photos: International Children’s Center “Artek”

“Artek” train arrived in Crimea

The first train 28Ch Moscow – Simferopol (“Tavriya” – “Artek”), which consists of the special “Artek” carriages branded with the symbolics of the International Children’s Center, arrived in Simferopol. The train brought 98 future residents of “Artek”, who were accompanied by 26 camp counselors, reports Crimean Information Agency

In Simferopol, the train “Tavriya – “Artek” was met in a solemn atmosphere. After, the children went from Simferopol to Gurzuf, where they would become participants of the seventh session called “Artek” is the eighth wonder of the world, which will be started on 09 June and lasts until 30 June 2021. 

The joint action of the carrier “Grand Service Express” and Support Fund of the International Children’s Center “Artek” is timed to the celebration of the 96th anniversary of the founding of “Artek”, which will be held on 16 June. 

 “Artek” is rightfully considered to be the leader in the area of children’s health recreation in the Russian Federation. We host children from all regions of Russia throughout the year. We are grateful to our partners for arranging of the new comfort and interesting route to “Artek” for pupils. Being on their way, kids get acquainted with the childhood land, its history and traditions, so thereby “Artek” becomes even closer to them”, – Chief Executive Officer of the ICC “Artek” Konstantin Fedorenko told.  

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